The Team

Giovanni Soldini

Maserati skipper

Born in Milan on 16th May 1966, Soldini started sailing as a child.

He has more than twenty years’ experience of ocean regattas behind him, including two single-handed around-the-world races (one victory and one second place), six Québec-Saint Malos (one victory in the monohull category), six Ostars (two victories in the 50 ft class and in the 40 ft class), three Jacques Vabres (one victory in the 40 ft class), and more than 40 transoceanic races.

Aboard Maserati he set new Cadiz-San Salvador and Gold Rush Route records, sailing 13,225 nautical miles from New York to San Francisco in 47 days, 42 minutes and 29 seconds.
Eventually, in 2015, he has established the innovative Tea Clipper Trade Route Record, covering in little more than 21 days the distance between San Francisco and Shanghai.