What are Cookies?

Cookies are informations stored by your browser when you visit a website or use a social network with your PC, smartphone or tablet. Each cookie contains various data such as, for example, the name of the server from which it comes, a numeric identifier, etc ..

Cookies can be either temporary (session cookies), that are used only during your visit to the Site and are deleted when you close your browser, or permanent, that is, in the memory of the device even after the user has left the site, until they are deleted manually by the user or automatically by the browser after a certain period of time.

How Maserati.Soldini.It uses cookies?

Maserati.Soldini.It uses temporary cookies, which allow to remember the user while browsing the site. Maserati.Soldini.It also allows third parties to use analytical cookies on the Site (both temporary and permanent ) to collect aggregate information relating to site’s sections more frequently visited.

Those informations are used to improve site’s contents, to get a better navigation and to ensure the success of advertising on the Web. It is also considered that these cookies have very low importance about privacy .

A complete list of all cookies used on the website is given below.

Cookies and privacy

Default settings of most browsers accept cookies’ use both of Maserati.Soldini.It and third’s parties.

You can still change these settings (both for the cookies of Maserati.Soldini.It site and third’s parties cookies) and choose between accepting cookies, display a pop-up window that allows you to choose whether to accept cookies or refuse the use all cookies without exception.

In order for your site to work in the best way, it is recommended to accept cookies. Your browser settings can be changed using the toolbar.

You can configure your browser to reject cookies; pay attention, however, that if you don’t accept cookies you can compromise the use of some features and the complete use of the Site.


Cookies used by Maserati.Soldini.It may belong to one of these categories

Own site’s cookies

They are essentially Worpress’s cookies and used to verify that browser has enabled to cookies’ reception and to display main site’s interface and administrative panel

These cookies are :


PHP’s native cookie that enables Web sites to store session state data. The Web site is used to establish a user session and to communicate status data

through a temporary cookie that expires at the end of the session, when you close the client.

_icl-current- language

These cookies contain information about the language configured by the user’s browser in order to bring the content of the site in your language.

scnb-cookie- terms

cookie that stores the acceptance of cookies




When a comment is added to the site will generate some cookies to help the user not having to rewrite every time the same information by entering other comments. The COMMENT_AUTHOR cookie contains the value entered in the Author field of the comment. The comment_author_email cookie contains the value inserted in the Email field in the entry form of the comment. The comment_author_url cookie contains the value entered in the URL field in the entry form of the comment. Cookie Duration: 346 days.

External Cookies

They have generated the portal.




intercom-visitor- semaphore

Cookies are used in the application running in the page mapping that identifies the user accessing the iframe to display this.

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